Letter: Hey, Kristi, spend a day in a classroom

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To the Editor:

I write this today because I watched the evening news and read the paper. I felt that after spending 32 years as a classroom assistant I need to stand up for some of the best people I have worked with. I have a daughter and many nieces and nephews who teach. They put their hearts and dollars into teaching.

  • My opinion is that Kristi Noem obviously learned some things in Washington while she was there. She learned how to put herself and her family first.

  • If she thinks she is keeping South Dakota safe by taking away cost of living, she is wrong. Our schools are some of the safest places to be for some children.

  • Who are you going to put in the classrooms when teachers go to other jobs or other states because they can’t make ends meet?

  • If you don’t have good teachers in elementary and high schools, the high speed internet is not going to help students get a higher education online or at universities.

  • What makes Gov. Noem think her daughter is worth more right out of college than someone else’s daughter who has been teaching and will never see that kind of wage in any school system?

  • There sure is more she could write about adding funding to K-12.

  • Yes, it has been a difficult year. Not giving cost of living raises to those who teach the future of South Dakota is a step backward.

  • If you really want South Dakota to keep its best, spend a day in any classroom.

Judy Heisinger


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