LETTER: Good people all around

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To the Editor:

Have you ever set something on top of your vehicle and then drove away, forgetting it was still there? That happened to my purse the other morning. I did not realize it was missing until I reached my destination, the Rec Center, about two miles away. In a panic I drove back over my route immediately, all the way searching for it. During the next two hours I repeated by search, driving slower and slower each time. I even walked part of the route where I had stopped at stop signs or increased my speed.

In that purse was my whole life, not just numerous credit cards, but my checkbook, driver’s license, address book, calendar, medical insurance cards, watch, keepsakes, photos, money and it was a favorite leather purse purchased on a trip abroad.

The police station was my next stop, then the bank. Home to check the phones (but my phone number was not on my checks or in my purse). I called the credit card companies and I prayed.

What would you do if you saw a purse lying by the side of the road? Since it had obviously been picked up by someone, because I searched diligently, I wondered was it a good person or a bad one?


It was a good one. About six hours later I found a message on my phone from Cody Vilhauer: “I have something of yours, give me a call.”

Restoring my faith in mankind, this good man found my purse on the road, contents, including dollar bills blowing around in the grass. He did a little research to find my phone number and did the right thing. So I have someone extra to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: Cody Vilhauer.

Sherry Stilley

M itchell

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