LETTER: Don’t let South Dakota moral character degrade

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To the Editor:

Is South Dakota decaying to the same level of cowardly tyranny as California, Oregon, Washington and New York?

I am aware of numerous Trump-Pence yard signs that have been stolen and/or vandalized. I also know of some Biden-Harris yard signs stolen as well. I think it is shameful that our society, especially in South Dakota, has degraded to such a low level. I always had a lot of pride in South Dakota, that we stood out with high moral character above the rest regardless of political differences. I guess the moral decay is moving into our state as well.

Truthfully, I do not like or respect Democrat party policies and tactics. But I will not degrade myself or the Republican Party by stealing or defacing their political signs, nor do i condone anyone doing so.

Our constitution affords us the unique privilege of living in freedom from the tyranny of Socialism, but that does not mean we, Democrat or Republican, have the right to attack others or destroy their property. Stealing and vandalizing political signs is nothing more than an act of cowardice. Furthermore, the perpetrators lack any sense of moral or religious values. All they are doing in increasing and perpetuating the division in our country.


You know who you are. Too bad you can't recognize what you are.

Dwight Stadler


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