Letter: Don't fall for word games

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To the Editor:

Beware of the shift in terminology for law-abiding citizen control, aka gun control.

Anti-Second Amendment advocates are avoiding the term “gun control” and replacing it with softer, less threatening terminology. The latest deception is calling it “common-sense gun safety,” “gun reform,” and “preventing gun violence.”

Historically, the media and left wing politicians have been extremely successful demonizing guns and gun owners using subliminal suggestion and deception with the terms shooting, shooter, gunman, gunned down, shot to death, gun wielding, gun toting, etc., that personify guns as though guns planned and carried out acts of violence.

They even include the word gun in their newest terminology “common-sense gun safety,” “gun reform,” and “preventing gun violence.”


To them, it’s all about guns, not the human perpetrator.

They actively avoid terms that hold the human perpetrator accountable, much less deal with the root causes of human violence.

Now they’re trying to soften their image and goals by pretending to care about your safety. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Proposed gun buyback programs are simply gun confiscation. The government cannot buy back what they never owned. Forcing citizens to sell their guns or face criminal charges or penalties is nothing less than extortion, gun confiscation, and fascism. Beware of “word games.”

The fascist left has done well with this practice. Don't fall for it.

Dwight Stadler,


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