Letter: COVID vaccine misinformation

An indoctrinated letter writer wrongly assumed that I said the vaccines killed those millions

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To the Editor:

This is in response to Betty Tieszen’s letter that demonstrates how the corrupt rulers of this country use partisan politics to indoctrinate true believers into pushing hate, division and lies in order to divide and conquer all of us, whether we are Republicans, Democrats or independents.

Tieszen’s wrongly stated COVID will not go away due to the unvaccinated. I will use as my source Democrat Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who exposed the real narcissist, sociopath and pathological liar with his recently released must-read, The Real Anthony Fauci.

In my last letter, I stated “Fauci, who wanted to make billions on vaccines, suppressed this science (regarding Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), zinc and antibiotics) with misinformation, resulting in hundreds of millions of dead Americans.” An indoctrinated letter writer wrongly assumed that I said the vaccines killed those millions, instead of understanding that these people were sacrificed prior to and in order to pave the way for the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the jabs.

Kennedy added Ivermectin to the argument that early treatment with repurposed therapeutics would have saved over 80% of those who died. On page 11, Kennedy states “Dr. Fauci adopted the unprecedented protocol of telling doctors to let patients diagnosed with a positive COVID test go home, untreated — leaving them in terror and spreading the disease — until breathing difficulties forced their return to hospitals. There, they faced two deadly remedies: remdesivir and ventilators.”


On page 19, Kennedy states “From the outset, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and other therapeutics posed an existential threat to Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates’ $48 billion COVID vaccine project, and particularly to their vanity drug remdesivir, in which Gates has a large stake. Under federal law, new vaccines and medicines cannot qualify for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) if any existing FDA-approved drug proves effective.”

On page 71, Kennedy quoted Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier: “Vaccinated individuals, he warned, would become asymptomatic carriers and ‘mutant factories’ blasting out vaccine-resistant versions…” like Omicron.

Interesting that the editor noted Republicans Dusty Johnson, Mike Rounds and John Thune are on the record promoting COVID vaccines, which are prolonging the pandemic and deaths.

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