Letter: COVID, the governor and the public

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To the Editor:

After watching the evening news on Oct. 28, and thinking, I decided I must express my thoughts with a letter. I hope everyone will read it and take time to think about it.

One of the news topics was the conduct of Gov. Kristi Noem. Currently have the biggest outbreak of the coronavirus that the state of South Dakota has incurred. It seems she has devoted more of her time stomping the campaign trail with and for Donald Trump than staying home and consulting with our professional medical people about the plight of South Dakotans. I don’t believe I have to quote numbers to convince readers that our country is in a bigger pandemic than people realize. Compare North Dakota and South Dakota numbers with Canada.

We are also in a situation in which people with needs for hospitalization have to be sent to another state where the staff and space to give emergency care are needed. I will guess that each of you have heard of cases that our own people were confronted with a situation of this nature. Everyday, I hear of more and more cases and on TV, they warn of the time where it will be up to the health care providers to make a decision of who can be treated and who must just simply go home. I wonder if Gov. Noem follows up on cases of this nature from all points in South Dakota.

I believe that our governor should have concentrated more on her own state, making sure the people she represents are spared from the virus, instead of campaigning for someone who shrugs it off. Part of the news tonight featured an elderly couple from Wessington Springs. The lady was nearly 100 years old and the gentleman was over 100 years old. Both lost their lives just a few days apart due to the virus, something that could have possibly been prevented. I’m just about 83 myself and worry day and night that the virus will not find me while I hide under my bed.


Lord (and Gov. Noem) please help us!

Jack McBrayer


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