Letter: Cancellation of Johnny Rivers show questioned

My issue is the refund policy that is only refunding the base ticket price, in our case $50 per ticket.

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To the Editor:

I am writing this to express my displeasure with the Corn Palace handling of the cancellation of the Johnny Rivers show. The cancellation (retirement of Rivers may be valid); however I have been watching the very poor early ticket sales, so call me skeptical. I will be watching to see if Rivers has any future concerts. They should have let the Something New Band do the whole show and refund $25 per ticket.

My issue is the refund policy that is only refunding the base ticket price, in our case $50 per ticket. They are not refunding the $5.79 per ticket service fee (which jumped from the previous $3 per ticket). The cancellation should be the Corn Palace’s problem, not the people good enough to support their shows. I think it’s wrong for their supporters to eat the loss, what about the service company taking some of the hit?

I have organized a group from my wife’s family for the last nine years (less 2020) to go to at least one show and most years two shows. Usually that group numbers about 14-16 (this year 12 for Rivers’ show, we did not care for the other acts). I purchase the tickets and everyone attending settles up with me. Due to the cancellation that requires me sending back checks to people less $11.58 per each couple.

I believe this practice will have a very negative effect on future sales, not only with our groups but with the entire public. I think we will look to support ACT Theatre shows even more than we have (they do not have the high service fee).


Dennis Schlimgen

Mitchell and Tavares, Florida

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