Letter: Call it what it is ... Marxism

The Marxist ideology has infiltrated the church, education and the corporate media.

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To the Editor:

Devlyn Brooks’ July 2 column called the overturning of the Roe vs. Wade ruling a violation of the “Great Commandment.” He said Jesus described that as loving God with “All your heart and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength” and “loving your neighbor as yourself.”

He then made a Marxist argument saying “Those with privilege will continue to receive reproductive care, while those without privilege will suffer the consequences…”. Next he makes the bigoted judgement that the “conservative religious majority” do not love their neighbor.

Karl Marx, said his object in life was to “dethrone God,” which would not be an act of loving God. Brooks twisted scripture and painted Jesus as a promoter of Marxism. And this hireling works for a company that is owned by the same Forum Communications that runs this paper.

In May this paper ran a very long propaganda piece featuring Mitchell High School’s history teacher, who argued that Critical Race Theory is an ideology, not a curriculum . If the history teacher would have provided the history behind CRT, then we would understand that it is Marxist ideology.


After WWI, the communist revolutionaries were disappointed in the lack of effort by the working class as they were blinded by the success of Western democracy and capitalism. So a group of Marxists decided to use a different approach One, Georg Lukacs, focused on eroding the family unit and sexual morals in order to break down society, and then dethrone God, just as Books attempts.

Others gathered in Germany, until Hitler chased them out and in 1934 some landed at Columbia University, where they published their works which included “Critical Theory.” The premise was to criticize every pillar of Western Culture, such as family, Christianity, freedom of speech and others. When applied to the oppression of whites over races, that offshoot has now become known as CRT.

The Marxist ideology has infiltrated the church, education and the corporate media. Their revolution is to dethrone God, breakdown the family, and then destroy America. It is sadly almost complete.

Steve Sibson


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