LETTER: Be a responsible pet owner

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There is a special place in Hades for those who choose to harm defenseless animals.

There are those who cause harm unintentionally while believing they are helping…those people have an illness.

Then there are those who deliberately choose to cause harm. Those people are evil. Saturday morning I got to start my day seeing the end results of that type of person’s actions.

Someone drove down the road in front of our house and threw several kittens out their car window one after the other over a less than quarter-mile stretch. As much as folks living in the country do not want you leaving your cats, kittens, dogs, etc on our door steps in the mistaken belief that everyone out in the countryside wants cats for a mouser or a good dog, it would be far preferable to seeing tiny little furry bodies scattered down the roadside.

A piece of advice: if you cannot afford to take care of yourself, do not get an animal. If you do not have time to take care of a pet, do not get one. If your landlord says no pets, do not get a pet. If you love kittens, but maybe not so much on the full grown cats, don’t get kittens. Same goes for cute, playful, little puppies that turn into big dogs. Just don’t do it.


If you’ve already bypassed that advice and find yourself with an unwanted animal, it’s your job to find that animal a safe, loving place for it to be. If that’s just too much effort for you, there are rescue places in town that can help.

Spay and neuter goes a long way toward reducing the unwanted animal population. It’s the right and responsible thing to do.

Lisa Leuning


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