Letter: A letter to God

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To the Editor:

I am dedicating this letter to God and am excited about sharing it with you people! God is really good and does everything He can to prove that His hand is stretched out still for mankind.

Mankind, though, has stretched the limits of God. I remember once, on Saturday Night Live, that they were using the word Satan to shock, astound and dismay their viewers. I thought I would watch it for entertainment and I wished I hadn’t even seen the show. It seemed like they were worshiping Satan and it made me feel terrible. I did turn it off. As a matter of fact I haven’t watched television for a couple of years.

Once I decided to watch a religious show on the TV and the very first part of the show there was a man having relations with a sheep! Is this what God wants from us? To shock and astonish people so much that they are numb from good feelings?

We talk about how terrible the other countries are but the United States is the only country, so far, that has blown up men, women and children including babies in the horrific nuclear or atomic bombs that the U.S. dropped on Japan.


I don’t know what to say to Jesus, the judge, except that I hope He can forgive us for our sins! And, we need him so much. Please come quickly Lord Jesus. I am sure if people really knew that you were real they would be a lot different. People don’t read the Bible and are taught about evolution, which teaches everything is by chance and there really isn't no God. The only thing I can say is I know that you're real Jesus, and there are a lot of people in the Bible belt that know you’re real and are seeking your face. Please come, Lord Jesus.

Frank Larry Hayne


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