Letter: A better option

We’re all trying our best; no one wants to harm children

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To the Editor:

Our U.S. Sen. John Thune, numbers among the upper chambers’ most senior Republicans. If re-elected, there’s a real chance he’ll become Majority Leader.

Interviewed on Newsmax, Sen. Thune spoke against mask mandates for preschool children, explaining: “even the World Health Organization acknowledges that, for kids 5 and younger, masking does not make a difference in their safety.”

I suspect the majority of South Dakotans agree, but I understand some friends and neighbors disagree. That’s OK. We’re all trying our best; no one wants to harm children.

Unfortunately, few had the opportunity to see Thune’s interview because Newsmax is not yet available from Midco as a basic news channel. Midco is a terrific company, striving to give its customers good value. But many South Dakota viewers would rather watch Newsmax than other cable news channels, such as CNN or MSNBC. Thirty years ago, CNN was a reasonably reliable source. Today, in the wake of inaccurate reporting and numerous sexual harassment and abuse scandals, CNN has lost credibility. Many of us would be comfortable seeing it dropped from Midco’s basic cable lineup.


Indeed, I suspect that if given the option, more than half of Midco cable TV customers would choose Newsmax.

Catherine Barranco

Sioux Falls

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