To the Editor:

I remember where I was on Sept. 11, when the planes slammed into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center towers. I remember the passengers crashing the plane in Pennsylvania to prevent another successful attack against America. And, I remember mourning for the lives lost.

But now it is time to move on ... actually it is way past time.

At first, it was looked upon as a patriotic holiday, commemorating the day when so many Americans had died in a terrorist assault on the nation, and to celebrate the strength with which we recovered and rebuilt. In the few years following, we behaved in a manner in which it made one proud to be American. Time moved on, and we turned our attention to locating those responsible for the assault, and they were brought to justice. A time for healing started, and Americans and those of middle eastern descent began to work together to build a better future.

But in 2015, all that started to change – rather than remembering the fallen, and how the nation rebuilt, recognizing the events of Sept. 11 were used as a rally call to target those of middle eastern persuasion, regardless of their affiliations, and to punish them whether they had any involvement or not.

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It was a summons to those racist elements in our own society; we are now one of the most racist countries on the planet – sowing lies and propaganda painting anyone that is not American born, or of certain genetic stock as being an enemy of the nation, and thus a target for hate, and in some instances execution by a racist populace. That is why we hear about these violent deaths each week, why we hear stories of people like Kyle Rittenhouse.

The dead are not at rest because their memories are used to continue the violence. The living are already dead, consumed by so much hate, that they have forgotten how to live for anything else.

Take a moment to pray for those who have fallen, perhaps even light a candle in their memories. Then move on and live. To do otherwise is to simply walk the path of hate and destruction that has been laid out by groups like QAnon. A path that will lead to the death of a nation far sooner than expected.

Robert Callahan