To the Editor:

If legacy is sanctimonious to a president then there are failures that upend all President Biden’s chances to embrace such a favorable characterization on his performance. Is not national defense a key component of a legacy that would also tally Biden some garnered legacy credentials? As a veteran, I find it insulting to treat Biden with kid gloves when I see the ridiculous laissez faire attitudes toward our southern border security and tantamount to England’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler during World War II was the withdrawal from Afghanistan; I can only horrifically look at those poor Americans, allies and Afghani friends that are going to remain behind fearful of their existence from the looming presence of Al Qaeda and ISIS regimes.

Then there were those 13 American soldiers who were killed. Their mournful families met with the president and his efforts to provide some solace to those families seemed inauthentic or borderline obligatory. Yes, the portentous or pretentious media (let the reader decide the adjective) can cover for a very uninspiring president, but on meeting the families of these fallen heroes, the media can relapse to objective reporting due the unmistakable visuals, more than merely reliable cooperatives for a lackluster president.

Biden kept looking at his wristwatch, as though the president’s time spent for these last casualties for closing the Afghan chapter was seemingly a burden on his busy schedule. Planning, execution and coordination has simply strained a very weak president to provide the American people some semblance of credible leadership. If he is to build a legacy to prop up the liberal base by scuttling the filibuster, then perhaps he could rebuild a floundering economy, and maybe some straight talk of his fictitious talk on the real “Big Lie,” of the last federal election would then amp up his legacy references.

We don’t need election reform as the Democrats want us to believe. We need honesty to uphold the integrity of our elections. The presidential election results of 2020 are an example of legacy sought at the behest of honesty’s betrayal.

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Thomas Oberembt