To the Editor:

Can someone tell me how the virus knows if it is 6 feet from someone or two feet? How does it know that when you sit down to eat in a restaurant it won’t spread, but if you wait in line to be seated, you better be careful and mask up?

How about the homeless — seems the virus didn’t do much to them who, certainly, didn’t mask up or social distance? How is it that athletes who breathe on one another, are sweaty and are in close contact can play their sport but the spectators must mask up and social distance to watch them? What about social distancing to board an airplane, but once inside, you nearly have to sit on top of each other?

If the vaccine is so effective, why do you still need to wear a mask and social distance? Why are the unvaccinated being blamed for the increase of cases but the promised vaccine has not protected the vaccinated? Why are students and employees being bribed to take the shot and being offered incentives to do so? Why are employees being coerced to take an experimental vaccine or threatened to lose their jobs? They are being denied religious exemptions and/or personal exemptions.

Why have doctors been prevented from prescribing hydroxychloroquine (an inexpensive and long-prescribed drug) as well as Ivermectin to quell the virus? They have been used by some physicians who have testified they’ve not lost a patient who had COVID. Some of these doctors have been let go because of it. Why are hospitals squelching those who have a different protocol than they do? Can it be because of the money they get from the government for handling COVID patients?

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Why does Big Tech censor anything contrary to what Dr. F and the CDC put out? How many times has the CDC changed its guidance? You’d be surprised to see who supports the CDC foundation.

Do your homework. Follow the money. This is a gigantic experiment and we are all the guinea pigs. Think independently, rise up. Defend your freedoms.

Joanne Geraets