To the Editor:

After reading Mr. Sibson’s letter and laughing at the irony I thought I should write a rebuttal.

Mr. Sibson’s examples of “misinformation” (Dr. Zelenko and Dr. Tyson) are both from early 2020, which is just when things were really getting bad. After time passed and all the information that debunks his claims, I was at a loss as to why he would even make them; especially since he also makes a claim that vaccines are responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths.

“Hundreds of millions.” That is an amazing “fact” that he and he alone seem privy to, but then he doubles down on his claim by going on to claim that “propaganda” has led people to believe that vaccines have historically been safe (they are). He then claims that the vaccines are bad because there has never been one for coronavirus (no kidding!) and when tried on animals, the animals died, but gives no proof of that (wonder why) and then goes on about antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and vaccines. A quick Google search will give a lot of blog articles to back Mr. Sibson’s claims but the one actual medical site has a complete article explaining why it’s not a problem.

We then get to the “big lie” and the Israeli Health Ministry. While it’s true that what is said is natural immunity “may” be better, it also points out that when making the choice to go that route you roll the dice that you will make it through all right to get it. It also points out that they say it’s better to get the vaccine and booster, which probably is the reason that Israel has a higher vaccination rate than the U.S. Well that and the fact that they also probably don’t have as many “informed” people like Mr. Sibson that spread misinformation under the guise of being informed.

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But this is South Dakota. Home of the free (which has nothing to do with masks and vaccines).

Get the shot.

Al Jacklin