To the Editor:

Pomposity is not a virtue and President Donald Trump unequivocally has few rivals for that quality. It is said, “if you have done it, it’s not bragging.” I have watched Trump on numerous occasions pontificate on his successes and his naysayer’s shortcomings. Within 100 days since the presidential inauguration, I choose the pomposity of President Trump over the imperceptive President Joseph Biden.

Executive orders by Biden have been issued to roll back the accomplishments of President Trump and for no other reason than to discredit Trump and to satisfy Biden’s liberal minions. Information flow is transcendent from the media centers of New York, Los Angeles and even Forum News Service of Fargo; mostly assimilated with a liberal bias and narrative. Silicon Valley’s big technologies control information, albeit that flow is progressive. Cancel Culture is wrought with censorship eliminating conservative conversation even when there is well-documented evidence of election fraud and illegal activities if not criminal wrongdoings with Communist China.

President Biden promised to unite our country, but his actions have done just the opposite. President Biden halted the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, 11,000 good paying union jobs were eliminated by Executive Order. The most ludicrous executive order is that of stopping the southern border wall construction.

With the construction of the southern border wall under President Trump, border security was working. The border with unbridled entries is a calculated effort to undo President Trump’s crowned jewel of border policy that benefits the drug cartels, coyotes, human traffickers, provides transgressive access for terrorists and has the potential for another pandemic outbreak.

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Our sovereignty is besieged. There is a crisis at our southern border caused by Joe Biden. Lastly, it is inconceivable that undocumented foreigners are greenlighted through our border and yet members of our armed services are vetted as if they are domestic terrorists based on political views. What is next? Packing the court? Federalize the elections, and shuttle the filibuster to pre-determine all one-sided outcomes?

I have seen enough.

Thomas Oberembt