To the Editor:

Because you didn’t listen to Lyndon LaRouche, our culture has literally “gone to pot.” Our children’s aesthetic and scientific education has been sacrificed to momentary pleasures and unsustainable anti-scientific outlook. LaRouche centered his ideas on a return to classical culture.

Because you didn’t listen, an unstopped pandemic rampages, killing hundreds of thousands worldwide, likely already someone you know. You were warned this was coming and what to do to stop it back in 1974 with reports from LaRouche’s Biological Holocaust Task Force.

Because you didn’t listen, upwards of 30 million souls, mostly in Africa and Southwest Asia, are likely to perish from famine this year. Meanwhile, many farmers have been pushed out of business or are being paid not to produce food or fiber. Last year, the LaRouche movement published a plan. “The World Needs 1.5 Billion New, Productive Jobs” to get the economy going again.

Because you didn’t listen, we are now at the brink of a third world war, as the NATO allies conduct an intensifying policy of containment and confrontation against China and Russia. Should such a war occur, it would rapidly escalate into thermonuclear extinction of civilization. Instead of geopolitics, LaRouche proposed a dialogue of cultures, and a World Land-Bridge of development corridors.

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Because you didn’t listen to Lyndon LaRouche, our economy has been destroyed under a financial system in which paper values increasingly squeeze out investments in productive capacity, to the point that the carrying capacity of that economy is now insufficient to support the world’s eight billion people. The slogan of the “Green New Deal,” and its enforcer, the billionaire bankers’ “Great Reset” might as well be “Die to Save Mother Earth.” The LaRouche movement has exposed this dangerous hoax in a new pamphlet, “The Great Leap Backward.”

Friends, isn’t it time to listen to the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche, and act with me to put a stop to all this dangerous nonsense, before it’s too late? I encourage you to read his unified solution, “Four New Laws to Save the USA Now!” written in 2014.

Ron Wieczorek

Mount Vernon