To the Editor:

The coronavirus is the most intelligent, selective virus I’ve ever seen, which must be why legislators and authorities are so confused.

You have to wear a mask to walk into a restaurant, but the virus knows to leave you alone when you take it off to eat. Political leaders don’t have to follow their own edicts, and in some states it’s nocturnal, only infecting people after 10 p.m.

It knows to leave people alone if they’re six feet apart or in some small groups but does seem to be confused about larger gatherings. You can sit on a plane wearing a mask but not in a church. You can violently riot, burn buildings, and attend massive funerals for public figures, but can’t attend weddings or funerals for family, or sporting events.

The virus also seems to know to only infect people already in the states, because the current administration is letting over 25,000 illegal, untested immigrants into the U.S. Perhaps that’s part of its selectiveness.

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The most amazing thing is how it’s cured so many other causes of death. According to the CDC, mortality rates have remained fairly constant since 2017 and life expectancy has actually increased slightly. The CDC also recently stated that out of the over 220,000 reported COVID deaths, 133,000 were misdiagnosed. Is the virus that wily?

The CDC owns over 20 vaccine patents. It sells $4.6 billion of vaccines every year. Its primary metric for success … are vaccine sales. — Robert F. Kennedy.

Marianne Gasiecki

Sioux Falls