To the Editor:

Fellow South Dakotans, it’s time to wake up — and I am not talking about “wokeism!” Our beloved state and country are in serious trouble.

Make no mistake, this is not a partisan issue. We are all under attack from our own federal government. They are determined to take away our Constitutional freedoms and civil liberties by censoring free speech; destroying election integrity; denying us the right to attend church and family functions; depriving us of our right to bear arms; insanely overspending and willfully crushing our country’s economy; defunding our police and military forces while simultaneously pandering to terrorist organizations; heedlessly throwing open our borders; slashing jobs and making us reliant again on foreign energy; allowing radicals to rewrite our history. Must I go on? You hear it daily, You know it’s true.

For the sake of brevity, I am asking you to do two things: (1) Contact Keloland Media Group. Respectfully ask them to quit regurgitating the same worn-out information nightly regarding the coronavirus and instead let us know what Bob Mercer and the Capitol News Bureau say our own elected officials are doing to protect the people of South Dakota. (2) Look up “Convention of Dakota.” If you like their grassroots message, sign the petition and maybe even get involved.

I could give you addresses and phone numbers to email, write or call these people. But, if averting the catastrophe we now face is important to you, do your own research. Draw your own conclusions; make your own decisions. Then let your voice be heard while we still have the right to speak out!”

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Katherine Larson