To the Editor:

Rep. Dusty Johnson's weekly column about unity contains questionable information and logic. Congressional Democrats have shown genuine efforts to reach out to Republicans. President Biden has sought good faith input from Republicans while not letting the bipartisanship quest set the agenda. He has moved in the Republican direction when he accepted the Republican proposal to scale back stimulus check top ranges.

He’s continuing to hold more bipartisan meetings regarding infrastructure and cancer research issues. Polling data shows 68 percent of Americans prefer a plan large enough to do what is necessary to put the coronavirus crisis behind. Only 32 percent think it important for the legislation to have agreement with Republicans.

Back in 2010, congressional bills that weren’t sizable enough finally got passed with “full” bipartisan support, but they weren’t big enough to meet the needs of the moment. Those pieces of legislation were seen by economists and most of the public to be failures. In 2021, Democrats are dedicated to meeting the needs of the moment with legislation that top economists insist must not be too small.

Dave Wegner

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Sioux Falls