To the Editor:

Transparency? Wasn’t that one of your campaign vows, Gov. Noem? Yet you refuse to disclose how much your non-governing exploits are costing the taxpayers. Using the state plane to advance your political aspirations. Shame on you and your son’s prom. Just like a typical politician if the lips are moving you are lying.

Our tax dollars should be spent in South Dakota. You know, the state you claim to love so much. So you hire out-of-staters for your ad campaigns, pyrotechs and even some staff. That was a big boost to our economy! What did we gain from this? Nothing good. National ridicule is not a good thing.

You are not a leader, you are a follower looking for career advancement.

I, like most South Dakotans, spend my money in the state to keep our economy strong. Is it too much to expect our elected “leaders” to do the same?

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Why do we vote? Didn’t we vote on the marijuana issue? It passed, right? So again I say why do we vote? It obviously means nothing I guess.

I’m not a user nor do I want to be, but I know several people who use medical marijuana with tremendous results. And the recreational users, I wonder if meth would have been kept at bay if the marijuana laws weren’t as harsh?

I know some of you will disagree with me, but this is still a free country and I am entitled to my opinion just as you are.

Maybe we should do what most employers would do and only pay you for time spent on your job. You would owe us money if we did that.

Mary Chrans