To the Editor:

As a fellow writer, I had to send you a note and let you know how I admired Luke Hagen's writing in the article "Cameron's Great Gifts" which I found posted online at — the Fargo Forum's website. I realize the Mitchell Republic was the article's resource.

You were able to take an incredibly painful and private family event and present it in such a way that those of us, unfamiliar with the story, were able to fully grasp their pain and suffering. It was as though we were right there, with them, next to Cameron's crib, or right there, with his big brother, holding Cameron so lovingly; or right there, as we held our breath, as we read about Cameron's daddy holding him ... until he took his last.

You did a lot of homework beforehand and it paid off in an excellent story. The love and respect and almost reverence came through for the baby in your writing. The people put their trust in you and you did not let them down. You were the epitome of integrity as a writer and their trust was not misplaced. I doubt there is anyone who could have even come close to the masterpiece you created.

Indeed, you know what good journalism is all about. You have not forgotten what old school has taught us. You, quite plainly speaking, sir, remind us why we write.

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With warm regards,

Monica J Stich

Fargo, ND