To the Editor:

Thanks again to our leaders who worked late into the night on Jan. 6, to ensure that the insurrection did not long delay the lawful and peaceful transition of presidential power.

Perilous times, indeed.

The direction we go from here rests on our shoulders. Much is at stake. Many citizens still believe and are willing to act on Mr. Trump’s debunked claims that the election was stolen from him. Too many of our elected officials have hesitated to speak out and challenge the insidious barrage of disinformation that has become the norm, whether about the reliability of our elections, the dangers posed by Covid-19 or the urgent need to address human-induced climate change.

As our elected officials rose up from the floor of the Capitol chambers on Jan. 6, donned gas masks, and retreated to safety, I hope they promised themselves to take a long, hard look at what brought our country to this point in history. I hope they have since resolved to focus political debates and decisions on evidence-based science and verifiable facts, and not be swayed by unexamined party or personal loyalties.

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This country and this world needs systemic healing and this will require each of us to be responsible, engaged citizens, to continually seek unbiased information and the opinion of established experts and to willingly reexamine our previous assumptions — to again and again call on our better angels to thoughtfully, respectfully and productively work together for the common long-term good of all.

Let us hope when we reach the end of our individual lives, we can look back and feel that we have found and activated the hero in each of us.

Dorinda Glennon