To the Editor:

At President Trump’s impeachment trial, his defense consists of what I call the “First Page of the Fox News Debate Handbook:” “What about somebody else?!” "What about what they do?!” "What about what she said?!” "Johnny’s mother lets him do it…what about Johnny?!” "You’re not fair!" "Double standard!" "They’re hypocrites!"

Seeing how people love, adore, and praise Trump, I pose this question: Was Jesus Christ the Donald Trump of His day? Why did Herod hate him? Because he was a pacifist? Or, were his disciples a gang for protection?

"Turn the other cheek…” (I’ll be nice to you, but don’t mess with me ‘cause we’ve all got two daggers underneath our togas.)

Why did Trump’s disciples assault the U.S. Capitol? Destroying the temple? Oh, yeah … they’re conservative Christians. Virgin birth? Walked on water? Fed 5,000 with five loaves and three fishes?

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Listen to the Coast To Coast A.M. radio program every midnight on WNAX-AM. There’s no doubt in my mind that if Donald Trump said he's come from Mars to save planet Earth, there are some who will believe him.

Jack H. Mueller