To the Editor:

What a disturbing four years we have endured and the first 30 days of 2021 weren’t any better. I’m starting to believe that “Washington D.C.” represents “Dirty Crooks.”

Our leaders have a big job on their hands and hopefully they can make it work.

I feel we have hit a low that not many of us can remember, other than what we have read. Mother Nature caused most of the problems our nation suffered during the ’30s as people were pretty equal then and all parts of our economy fell apart.

It is going to be difficult today, as we have a huge national debt, many businesses have locked the doors and so many have no jobs; it will take a while to build back up again. I wonder what year it was when the population of the United States and our unemployed of today reached the same numbers?

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Today we have approximately 25 to 30 percent of the people who have fallen into the poverty level. Another 15 percent who will possibly fall into that level before things get halted. Then 40 percent are in the middle class, barely making ends meet, leaving 15 to 20 percent controlling our currency.

When I retire at night and say a prayer for all the people going to bed hungry and realize what those top 15 to 20 percent are spending, living high on the hog, it really makes me shudder.

South Dakota will be one of the first to come back, if our nation can, as we are so very diversified. Our leaders should feel very shameful, to know that this was coming and allowing it to happen.

Jack McBrayer