To the Editor:

On Jan. 6, somehow, all agencies failed, including Congressional leadership, which would have ordered Sergeant at Arms of Senate and House to prepare security. Why wasn’t security provided? Do you know the answers to that?

Instead, they are abrogating your responsibility to investigate. President repeatedly called for peaceful demonstrations and has repeatedly assailed violence as “not part of (his) movement.” Social media has responded by censoring the President of the United States causing outrage and alarm throughout other sovereign governments internationally.

In an environment of fear and political recrimination, reminiscent of the humiliation, fear and outrage after the attacks of 9-11-2001, you are rushing to impeach President Trump, expel 147 members and label his supporters “terrorists,” eliminating rational, impassioned debate and deliberation. If you impeach, you declare the president serves at the pleasure of the social media, the agencies and the Congress, instead of the vote of the people. You strip the president of much Constitutional powers and the security of a former president.

You cripple the incoming administration. Your act of impeachment would change the United States, fundamentally, from a Republic to a Parliament, where a president would be toppled on a “vote of no confidence.” Parliaments don’t make policy. They do not govern fiscal or monetary policy. They make laws to petition financial and political oligarchies for “concessions” for their “subjects,” cohering with the dictates of an arbitrary oligarchy founded on despotism and corruption.

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Ironically, if you impeach President Trump, purge the Congress of those members who lawfully challenged the election results and label as “terrorists'' any citizen who acted in full with Article I, Amendments XII, XIV, and XX and U.S. Federal Code, you destroy your own power. You will be unable to address effectively economic, pandemic or foreigh policy challenges facing the United States. In your rush for “snap impeachment” your self-righteous hubris becomes the means of your own destruction, the imposition of a “One Party State” and destruction of our government “by, for and of the people,”

I urge all senators to vote against impeachment. Blessed are the peacemakers and seekers of truth.

Ron Wieczorek

Mount Vernon