To the Editor:

I still believe there is a big story about the lack of action to lead Noem to lead her constituents (a.k.a. state voters and non-voters) to create a strong and all inclusive mask mandate, statewide, for all residents and visitors. It is time for her to get over the “love” affair with Trump and begin to act like the elected official we all expected. We’re still dying and getting sick at a pace like North Dakota faced and is beginning to overcome.

If her aspirations are to become a media person … whether in Trump’s threatened news channel or elsewhere … then she should just resign and leave immediately so we can begin to heal and recover from her total lack of leadership … except political favoritism.

There are a lot of residents afraid to question her because she will either totally ignore their questioning of her ways or just plain make life miserable for them with threats similar to those from people in the White House.

Larry Ayers

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