To the Editor:

I was glad to see Mitchell’s mayor passed the mask mandate. Our governor is not doing her job by not mandating masks. She is just following Donald Trump's way of thinking and that is just wrong. This morning, I went into three business places here and in every one of them there were people without masks. I told them of the mandate and they really didn’t care. I’m sure they would be right in the hospital line if they got COVID. One person said they’d just pay the fine. How stupid is that?

I think that the police should get out of their cars and walk into some businesses. I feel if you start enforcing the mandate and fine a few people, their attitude would change. I also think businesses should take responsibility for allowing people in without masks.

We need to control this virus, as too many people have died unnecessarily. Quit playing politics and start caring about Mitchell’s citizens. We need to do better fighting this virus.

Ty Smith

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