To the Editor:

So, I’ve noticed that print media has started capitalizing the “b” in “black,” when referring toe African-Americans. This is a Silly and Unproductive practice. To begin with, the rules of grammar require that you only capitalize adjectives when they modify Proper nouns. Second it is an Unproductive and, may I suggest, a Racist practice. The practice suggests that Black Americans deserve Special attention, compared with other races. Ridiculous. Can you imagine how the Left would howl if the “w” in “white Americans were capitalized?

Every now and then, we are treated to articles bemoaning the decline of Print media sales. Predictable, those articles talk about how the press is the First line of defense against tyranny. But what these Navel-Gazing articles always ignore is that Print media is a business, subject to the law of supply and demand. When you consistently push a Particular Political position, you alienate those who disagree with you. Keep doing so and you will go by way of the dodo. Please, recover some objectivity and you may survive. Quite pandering. And quit capitalizing the “b” in black. It’s a Silly, Unnecessary and Divisive practice. (See what I did there?)

Kevin Carroll