To the Editor:

Nixon’s ending of the Bretton Woods System in 1971, replacing fixed exchange rates with an international floating rate system, and the casino gallop into monetarism has now led to depression, pandemics and the danger of a new fascism and world war, just as Lyndon LaRouche warned back in 1971. If we (you) are to escape from these very present dangers, you must get off your porch and help me get your neighbors off theirs now, and act to reorganize the world financial and economic system in the tradition of Leibniz’s and Hamilton’s physical economy, as LaRouche and I have long urged to be done — before it’s too late:

A summit of the Big 4 — U.S., Choina, Russia and India — or of the 5 Permanent members of the UN Security Council, as proposed by Russia’s President Putin to agree upon principles that can guarantee the long-term survivability of the human species.

A New Bretton Woods System, with the explicit aim of overcoming poverty and the underdevelopment of the poorer countries, starting with a modern healthcare delivery system in every country.

An agreement to make the New Silk Road truly a World Land-Bridge, built to the best modern standards, a vast infrastructural and industrial development of all nations.

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A new security architecture based on the common economic interest of every nation. End the color revolutions and destablizations now being orchestrated by the British Empire and its bankrupt financial interests against governments they don’t like — including the governments of Trump, XI and Putin among others.

International cooperation for a crash program for thermonuclear fusion technology, international cooperation in space for permanent habitats on the Moon and Mars, as well as in life sciences.

An agreement to initiate a sincere and honest dialogue of cultures, in which each culture and civilization commits to learn about best traditions and universal contributions of others as the basis for peace and understanding and a new renaissance.

The Schiller institute will conference via internet Sept. 5-6 in an effort to advance these goals.

RSVP to to attend.

Ron Wieczorek

Mount Vernon