To the Editor:

I should have known this entire COVID-19 pandemic is still here because some of us Christians prefer not to wear a mask! That is what Prof. Joel Allen apparently believes (Letter to the Editor, Aug. 9).

After reading his letter “On faith and facemasks” I initially felt scolded and demeaned for being a Christian. But wait! Wearing a facemask has nothing to do with my faith.

Using Christ as his ploy to support his personal view on face masks only emphasizes his hubris, his superiority over Christians. It is no less than narcissistic to believe you could live like Jesus. We can strive to, but we were blessed with free will. Free will can at times be disastrous. Our saving grace is the fact that Jesus is in the spirit of all believers and forgives us.

I do agree with his opinion that American culture is based on protecting freedoms. America’s founding fathers are proof of not giving up their freedom nor their Christianity. Unfortunately, our freedoms, being abused and taken for granted, are in jeopardy of being destroyed.

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Perhaps Mr. allen could ask those who profess to be christians but support abortion, immoral sexual behavior, a weak military and war on police if this is the path Jesus would follow. Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Humility is so often forgotten.

Barbara Stadler