To the Editor:

What is happening to the U.S. Postal System? Why are they proposing that sorting machines be reduced, that mailing stations be reduced, that locations of mailboxes be changed or taken away? Why is the U.S. postmaster general doing this?

There are already delays in getting mail. What is going to happen with those that rely on getting their needed medication through the mail, and it doesn’t arrive on time?

The whole country needs to be aware of what is going on. Let us avoid the decline in the faith that we need to have in our government doing the right thing for us: especially in dealing with COVID-19, “the virus!”

This is not a political issue. This is an issue that deals with the core of our democracy. We should not be afraid of the outcome of a fair and honest election in giving the people the right to vote by mail; and that our U.S. Postal System will be able to handle getting the ballots delivered to those that count the ballots.

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I am challenging all congressmen to look into the matter and tell us what is the reason for this, so that we can avoid this pending dilemma.

I pray that all people, especially our young people will retain faith in our government. It seems that our country is more divided than ever.

Abraham Lincoln, knowing that we need something greater than ourselves to get through the Civil War in 1862, put on all of our US currency, In God WeTrust.

Tom Fergen