To the Editor:

Do masks prevent the spread of COVID-19? Time will tell.

In reference to our local controversy with the school system mandating the wearing of a mask, there was a great debate at a recent school board meeting with both sides airing their views. I commend those who were bold enough to express their views. Everyone on both sides of this issue loves their children and wants the best for them. I suggest praying for those in charge of making this difficult decision. Pray that they make the right choice for the children, teachers, staff and our country. Whether the school board and administration change their decision due to recently submitted petitions or stand firm on their original ruling, please conform so all can have a successful school year.

As per local businesses who have recently made the decision that all who enter their facility wear a mask, I personally don’t like it but it is their business. This is a free country and as owners they retain the right to implement rules for their store. You can express your views by boycotting those businesses but if you want to enter their business, please respect their decision. There are better ways to express your views than making a public scene.

A big part of being free is having a choice but with having a choice comes responsibility. The responsibility of respect for others and doing what is morally and ethically correct. Benjamin Franklin in one of his speeches stated: “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As a nation becomes more corrupt and vicious, they have more of a need for a master.” Without respect, morals and ethics, we become a self-serving society creating a divided community, state and nation.”

Is there a bigger agenda taking place in our country that most of us don’t see? Yes or no; I ask you to reflect on two old and important adages if we want to remain a free society and country: “United we Stand, divided we Fall” and the ramifications of “Divide and Conquer.”

Vince Boddicker