To the Editor:

I read with interest the recent letter about the pheasant brood count.

Pierre is infected with Trumpitis.

Trump: In the midst of a deadly pandemic, he decrees that instead of hospitals sending COVID-19 statistics to the independent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they be forwarded to the Trump administration so they can be manipulated and skewed. (Remember Conway’s “alternate facts?”)

South Dakota: Quit the annual pheasant brood count so hunters won’t know what to believe, other than their own eyes; and for out-of-staters, too late.

Trump: The pandemic is “fading away. It’s going to fade away.” “99 percent of COVID-19 cases are “totally harmless.” “One day it’s like a miracle — it will disappear.” Refresh your memory with these and dozens of other lies on the Atlantic Monthly website. Current statistics: Lyman County, 84 cases; Brule County, 38; Buffalo County, 104.

South Dakota: Spend $700,000 on an ad campaign telling hunters how much fun it is chasing non-existent birds. Can you spell “camaraderie?”

Last weekend I did my own “pheasant count.” At 6 a.m. I made a circuit from Chamberlain to Kimball, Miller, Pierre, Hayes, Midland, Murdo, Wood, Winner, Colome, Gregory and Academy.

Monday at 6 p.m.: Chamberlain to Mitchell, Parkston, Platte. A total of 630 miles. The tally? 15 live birds plus two roadkill. “Unscientific?” Sure.

I’m comparing today to the past when hunters filled their limit in a couple of hours. When traveling in early summer on the old highway between White Lake and Mount Vernon one couldn’t get over 45 mph because of all the coveys on the road. In 2017, I saw only two covies by my farm, none since, I’ve only seen four pheasants south of Chamberlain since the beginning of summer.

Earlier start times, longer season, increased the daily limit to four, increased the possession limit; now just how is this going to help the wild pheasant population? Sounds like our leader with the self-professed “giant brain.”

Jack H. Mueller