To the Editor:

President Trump has stood up for South Dakota’s farmers, but the EPA is letting them down. For years, the EPA undermined the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) by granting waivers to big oil, essentially cutting billions of gallons of biofuels demand and cutting off a vital market to corn farmers.

My House colleagues and I have written President Trump twice recently, asking him to protect the RFS. This message is clear — the EPA must follow the law and stop reducing the amount of renewable fuel in our fuel supply. Our farmers need this market. South Dakota’s biofuels industry can produce more than 1 billion gallons annually, adding more than $980 million to the economy — but this only happens if there is reliable market access. The EPA can get this done.

The nation’s eyes were on South Dakota during President Trump’s visit to Mount Rushmore. I’ll continue to deliver agriculture’s request that the EPA support clear, homegrown biofuels. The president supports farmers — and it’s time the EPA does, too.

Rep. Dusty Johnson