To the Editor:

A suggestion: Interview a Corn Palace tourist once a day.

Beyond simply entertaining residents and tourists alike, I also suspect there could be valuable ancillary benefits as well.

First the obvious: Put a person's picture in our local paper, do a brief interview and/or survey, and I don't think it would be absurd to believe in 10 years there could be 1,000 nicely framed Mitchell Republic interviews hanging on walls throughout the world.

For others it may only be used as fodder for a good story of the time they came through Mitchell, South Dakota. Either way, people are talking about Mitchell in warm tones.

Then there's the intrinsic value of such an endeavor: We'd certainly be more aware of who's coming through here and the type of corollary businesses which may or may not flourish here. I think that alone should be reason enough to try it, honestly.

If none of these things come to fruition, it could always simply provide readers with amusing and original content on our lunch breaks.

Aram Winckler