To the Editor:

Mitch McConnell and the Senate continue to drag their feet and fail to pass any bills sent over by the House and continue to approve of Trump and Barr hiding evidence that would incriminate them for dereliction of duty. All of them are paid a salary despite their “doing nothing” for the people. When you accept money for doing nothing it is called “welfare.”

The “hear-no, see-no, speak-no” mentality constitutes refusal to study the problems that need to be solved or at least improved. We need to remove those in the government who refuse to do their jobs. They are wasting time and money. This situation would not be tolerated in the common everyday world. The results of such practice always punish the people who have contributed to the coffers that pay the “do nothings.”

It seems those who acquire status through the hard work of the taxpayer act as though they have privileges which evolve into entitlements. They show no gratitude and develop an “I don’t care” attitude. Once the taxes are paid, no obligation seems to come forth.

As our employees, they should be replaced hopefully by those who would serve us more respectfully.

If those who have been in office for 20-40 years have done little to improve our right to a decent life and the ability to fill that life with some semblance of happiness, then why are they being re-elected?

Joan Juntunen