To the Editor:

In lieu of pandemics, natural disasters and civil unrest that governors are forced to manage, South Dakota’s governor has proven to be the most straight-forward, reasonable, courageous and common sense governor in the nation. Governor Noem’s success can be attributed to her foundational principles and ability to maintain them throughout both the good and the bad times.

Kristi Noem adheres to the platform laid down by our founders as she not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. This is evident in her statement, “‘The people themselves are primarily responsible for their safety.” She trusts the people to do the right thing, while maintaining their freedom to do so.

While the COVID-19 crisis took its toll on businesses, she didn’t make it harder by imposing strict regulations. Her stance was, “More freedom, not more government, is the answer.” Who couldn’t agree with this plan? “We didn’t order businesses to close, we trusted them to innovate and to continue serving their customers,” she said.

Staying the course on her strong principles helps maintain South Dakota’s journey of challenges on a steady ship in uncharted waters. The COVID-19 crisis, followed by riots in our cities were met with preparedness and common sense.

From this day forward Governor Kristi Noem will have the full backing of the South Dakota Federation of Republican Women. She has had to prove her leadership, likely more than any governor in South Dakota’s history. While the future is uncharted territory, we are confident that we have a leader who will do what’s best for the people, while honoring the rights endowed by our Creator and enumerated by our Constitution.

Sandy Rhoden, President

The South Dakota Federation of Republican Women

(Editor's note: Sandy Rhoden is the wife of Lt. Gov. Larry Rhoden.)