To the Editor:

On June 10, in finally closing their investigation, Swedish authorities had to admit that the narrative, “Lyndon LaRouche is involved in the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme” 34 years ago was “fake news.” Lead prosecutor, Krister Peterson said that one of the suspects (who died in 2000) was the likely killer. Asked about other organizations investigated, Peterson answered that there were groups in Sweden at the time, “like Stay Behind, and the EAP (European Labor Party — the European LaRouche organization at the time), but we found no connections with them.”

That this big lie and so many others about LaRouche was allowed to stand for so long, paved the way for Russiagate and the ongoing coup against the Trump Presidency, The Swedish government should apologize, as should NBC-TV and all the other so-called “news” media who spread the slanders.

That generation-long drumbeat of lies has had its intended effect of turning many of you from considering LaRouche’s frankly sensible policy proposals and programs. “Oh, I can’t get tangled up with that shadowy LaRouche. I’ve heard bad things about him.” An increasing number of South Dakotans are out of work, or about to be. As family farms are put out of business by the cartels, food scarcity looms for the nation.

Mr. LaRouche passed on in February of last year, but his organization is alive and kicking, under the leadership of his widow Helga. But how many of you even know about, much less have bothered to investigate, or demand be implemented, the LaRouche PAC’s programs, for example, to create 1.5 billion new productive jobs. 50 million of which will be in the U.S. — the very program that could save you and the nation’s food supply?

“But, isn’t he a convicted felon?” Learn the truth about the travesty of justice perpetrated against LaRouche, which sent him and some of his associates to prison. Discover the hundreds of prominent individuals from around the world who have called for his exoneration;

Ron Wieczorek

Mount Vernon