To the Editor:

I write this as a member of society not living in a constant state of fear. The reason so many live this way today is not due to Covid 19. It’s the media.

When this ordeal began they told us millions of Americans would die. Predictably, panic set in. Panic set into motion irrational behavior by rational people. Hoarding, wearing masks while driving alone or walking outside, and telling everyone you meet to “be safe.”

But as we hear the dire projections being lowered almost daily, the media continues to report doom. We hear about new cases, number of deaths, and new hotspots. Deaths are all seemingly reported as Covid 19 being the cause, despite underlying health conditions. People already sick are the ones dying.

They told us that hospitals would be overflowing with gravely ill people. Hospitals are not even close to capacity. The governor of New York spewed doom and gloom and got massive help from the Feds and charities. We don’t hear about the thousands of empty beds in existing and makeshift hospitals. We hear nothing about the nearly empty naval hospital ship rushed to New York for the impending crisis. We even hear it from our Governor. She told us 600,000 South Dakotans could get the virus. That’s nearly 70 percent of the state’s population! C’mon Kristi!! Really?

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This madness will eventually go away with likely fewer deaths than influenza. We will return to our lives but with a new normal. This leaves me with several questions for the media: What will they report to us when the next flu season arrives? Will the fear mongering continue? Will they return to not reporting the tens of thousands that die from viral infections each year since record keeping began? What will happen when they tell us there is an illness that kills regardless of age or health level? Will we believe them?

Mark Bucholz

Rapid City