To the Editor:

In reading Rev. Dan Brandt’s letter to the editor in the Saturday March 14, edition, I was quite taken aback by his blatantly false opening line: “Mr. Trump (that’s President Trump, Rev.) called the coronavirus a hoax.”

President Trump did not say the coronavirus was a hoax. It would do the good reverend well to research what President Trump did actually say with regards to coronavirus at that moment. He said that he likened the Democrats’ criticism of his administrations’ response to the virus akin to their impeachment nonsense. A new hoax on their part.

I can tell by the reverend’s letter he suffers from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” but that is no excuse for “bearing false witness.” Make no mistake, this president has flaws — as those did who came before him, but I believe he loves this country and wants to protect her. The media never gives him any credit.

For instance, they never report on where he donates his salary every quarter, but I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts if he missed one quarter they’d be all over him. They have yet to give him credit for the many trade deals with countries (another example).

J.C. Palmer