To the Editor:

Last week’s letters contained two examples of opinions spawned by people who can be led around by a false narrative in the press. The Rev. Dan Brandt uses “some news outlets,” (CNN and friends) to misquote our leaders and call everyone a liar except the ones who we all saw lie on national TV.

If he really wants to see a cult leader he needs look no further than Adam Schiff, who lied more during the impeachment than all of the people convicted of lies to Congress combined.

As for Dave Wegner, President Trump was not the one who paid the Russians millions a false dossier against his political opponent, that was Hillary Clinton and the DNC. As for global warming or climate change as it is now called, this has been going on for over 4 billion years and the oceans have been hundreds of feet higher than now and hundreds of feet lower than now; staying that way for hundreds of thousands of years. This was before humans came along with their mostly insignificant contribution one way or another.

As for family planning, there has been no interference, except by abortionists who want to eliminate the family structure entirely. It seems the only way they don’t want anyone to enter the United States is through the birth canal of an American citizen.

I could go on about the misinformation continued in those letters, but it feels like I am shooting dodos.

Vale G. Krietlow