To the Editor:

Because Jesus is the truth, the way and the life, many people think that is self explanatory, but it isn’t.

Jesus Christ is of the truth of course. He wants goodness to be and he doesn’t want evil to be. He is the way because by wanting him those who loved Him do not want evil to be either and they only want goodness to be.

He is the life because goodness and evil cannot co-exist in Heaven and because he is the light of the world and His knowledge is accessible through the Holy Bible evil will soon not exist on Earth, because Jesus Christ is also known as the Word. This is explained in the first chapter of John. The word is always with God and always will be with God and the Word is God. Evil wants goodness and cannot get it unless it accepts the Word and the Word doesn’t want evil to be and never has. The will of the father is that it (The Word), will strive for perfection without evil actions. This will happen for sure.

It’s also written in the Bible, that says and we know that all things work for good to them that love God to them that are called to his purpose. The way of Jesus Christ, the Word, is of absolute truth, He does not want evil to be.

Let me be explicit, evil is the action of sinning. It’s contrary to what Jesus Christ stands for. Jesus Christ wants the good life and the good life is of joy and peace and happiness without confusing evil actions that work against the will of God and the Only God there is, is the true God of Isaac, Jacob and Abraham, and the Father of Jesus Christ (the Word).

Everybody wants life but eternal life is only for those who love Jesus Christ’s way. Eternal life is only for those who want true goodness.

Frank Larry Hayne