To the Editor:

I propose a $17,000 increase for each full-time teacher in South Dakota in 2020. That equals just one of Ms. Noem’s daughter’s raises this year.

South Dakota has enough in reserves to run the state for one year without any revenue. Pull out of those reserves for our valued teachers vs. 0 percent.

The value of teachers is equal or greater than the Noem aristocracy. A daughter and son-in-law on salary. The first husband is the official ambassador to Mayfield, Turkey Ridge, and others, and must be reimbursed. How many Noem’s are on payroll? Do any earn less than most teachers? How many are receiving free lodging in the governor’s mansion?

Ms. Noem is not known for benevolence or generosity. In Congress, she repeatedly cut food for the poor and tried to kick 22 million off healthcare but was limited to 13 million. Now, a jazzy and expensive ad on meth. Does she provide care centers and anti-addiction programs? Does she reduce meth penalties from felonies?

We were going to do a Habitat for Humanity build in Sioux Falls and then it was announced that she and family, in a campaign, were showing up for a photo shoot. We refused to do the build, but then found out that she cancelled. We promptly said yes to the build. No way would we lend our approval to her hypocrisy of being for the poor.

She brought Trump cultism back from D.C. nepotism and milking the government. If you are not known for giving, then being “on the take” is the next conclusion. Scandal continues from one SD administration to another. Guess SD voters like this kind of government or they would vote for better folks.

Our teachers shouldn’t be shortchanged. Moving South Dakota forward costs money. Do we really want SD to improve educationally or let bureaucrats just take?

Dan Brandt