To the Editor:

I am an elderly person who can’t get my garbage can to the curb, and have paid extra all these years for alley pickup. I was astounded to think the city of Mitchell would get rid of alley pickup and not clean the alleys as they have in the past. To see the quote in the paper that alleys were not made for travel, only for utilities and drainage, is absurd. That’s the reason that a lot of garages were built in the alleys and it has kept unsightly garbage cans off the street.

The real kicker is that the City Council chose to not only force some people to use private haulers, but are now considering raising landfill fees by 24 percent. I am grateful that we have private companies who will provide a service which the city will not, even though we are taxpayers. I have had reports from individuals that they get a break from the city, as their monthly garbage service has gone from $16 down to $12. It hardly seems fair the Council would lower the rates up to 25 percent and then discriminate against the elderly and tack on an additional 24 percent for private haulers.

I have no choice but to pay a private hauler a much higher price, but is it fair to raise their landfill fees when the city gives its remaining customers a 25 percent discount and it has or will lose the revenue from at least 500 customers? I think the private haulers should be getting a 25 percent break just for providing a service that the city won’t. Because I’ve been forced to use a private hauler, I have been advised that I will no longer get coupons to use at the landfill because I am not a city “customer,” just a taxpayer. How unfair!

I am not against recycling but I have nowhere to put the enormous can which the city is providing. I haven’t heard of any drop-off points, but maybe the Corn Palace area would be perfect; many drop their water bills off at that location.

Mary Freeman