To the Editor:

I own many guns and am an avid hunter. I am also an honorably discharged Vietnam Veteran (drafted) and very active in South Dakota’s National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI). With this said, I must say I am very, very disappointed in our current legislature.

I have approached a number of legislators asking if they would sponsor a simple bill. It would prohibit the future sale of any magazine clip which has the capacity to hold more than six bullets. It would not impact the ownership of any firearm or these clips, but the bill would prohibit the future sale. There are similar laws already in place — you must have your shotgun plugged so it can only hold three shells when hunting waterfowl.

We have been fortunate enough here in South Dakota not to have encountered any mass shootings. If limiting the number of bullets within any firearm saves one life, it is good legislation. It is apparent the NRA wields so much power, influence, and money that any common sense gun control legislation is doomed.

I am attempting to do something but cannot find a single sponsor. This discussion must occur before we have our own tragedy. If there is one legislator willing to discuss please contact me. May you have a safe and blessed 2020.

David L. Braun