To the Editor:

I am Rebekah Nelson, and I work at a group home for LifeQuest in Mitchell. Thanksgiving was my holiday to work this year and I am feeling so blessed to have had the opportunity for our meal to be provided by the Wesleyan Church. It was brought to our home by a nice family who stayed and ate with us. I can’t express how much it was enjoyed by all.

We had a knock on our door around noon and Stephanie from White Lake and her four daughters brought crock pots full of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, home grown corn and pumpkin pies — along with rolls, cranberry sauce, butter, paper plates, silverware, pop and water.

They lugged everything in and set up a Thanksgiving buffet. They visited with us and got to know residents living in our group homes. The girls were so interested in socializing and getting to know all of us. It could have been awkward, but it gave us a chance to talk and get to know each other in such a nice setting. Our group also got gift bags from the family that came and after our meal, we visited and colored with the books and colors provided by them.

I so appreciate the love and caring shown to us this Thanksgiving by Wesleyan Church who gave of their time to provide a beautiful meal for residents and staff. It shows a true Christian spirit by those at the church who worked so hard on our behalf.

I feel I speak for all of LifeQuest and we want to express our appreciation to all who participated. I would also like to compliment the citizens of Mitchell for being so gracious toward LifeQuest residents when we are out in the community participating in activities. There have been many times when help has been offered to carry supplies or chairs or open doors by the people in the community.

Rebekah Nelson