To the Editor:

I read the article about Davison County taking wind turbine blades in the city’s landfill. Isn’t it interesting the wind developers told us these monstrosities were good for 30 years, but after 10 years the blades are shot? They’re not worn out. They just want to put on bigger ones to collect more subsidies. Such a coincidence that the Production Tax Credit last 10 years (worth about $3 million per turbine) and the blades get replaced after 10 years.

I recently read an article from Reuters News Service how Mid-American Energy was retrofitting seven wind farms to start the PTC over for another 10 years. Davison County thinks it will jack up the price to $65 a ton to take the turbine blades. Just remember, every cost of a wind turbine is passed right along to the rate payer. He will pay your increased fee, not Next Era.

South Dakota will soon be looking at burying 12,000 blades every 10 years, plus what we take in from out of state. The scam just keeps getting worse. Let’s change our state motto from “The Land of Infinite Variety” to “The Landfill of Infinite Variety,” or “The Sunshine State” to “The Shadow Flicker State.”

Our state is becoming one ugly piece of property thanks to our present and past two governors who got a lot of campaign money from big wind.

Gregg Hubner