To the Editor:

Hearing the news about Kamala Harris dropping out of the presidential election is disheartening. As a young mixed woman who identifies as a Democrat, not only were my beliefs most aligned with hers, but I was able to see myself represented through her. To see her go so early, simply because she lacked funding, is upsetting

For me, Kamala Harris was more than just a candidate. She represented success for women of color, which is rarely seen in society. I have always wanted to be a doctor; however, growing up I had only seen one doctor who looked like me, but I took it. I thought to myself if she could be a doctor, then so could I. This is what Kamala Harris is to many young women of color.

I don’t think the Democratic Party did enough for her campaign, because they just have too many candidates. This seems to be the running theme for minorities. Often times we are left with the short end of the stick. I agree that she was not the strongest candidate that the Democratic Party had; however, to get out of the race so soon is a shame.

Though a lot of Republicans did not like her, she was one of the more moderate leaning in the Democratic Party. However, due to her more moderate stance, in a very divided political climate, she was seen as wishy-washy. But I think she could have been a good Democratic candidate for that reason, If we continue with the polarity we see today, America will never agree with one another and that is dangerous. What I want is a candidate who can mediate between both sides, who will stand by their view but respect and understand opposing ones. And to me that was Kamala Harris.

Lindsey Imuro

Chattanooga, Tennessee, formerly of Mitchell