To the Editor:

I should be on the group of people who are trying to stop suicide. I know one big reason and it affects many youths. Look into how many young Native American students have committed suicide. Why? Because in this state no one is interested in seeing the first Americans live well. Only the Catholic Church seems to see that these youth are killing themselves because they see no future for themselves. Many take drugs to try to feel better and are killed in doing so.

Why can’t this state help the way of life for these valuable people? I have relatives who are part of this. If the state could help change the lives of the Native Americans, who originally owned this land, you could save many valuable lives. The American Indian is an extraordinarily talented people. They could help the state.

I realize that many don’t want to look at this and probably will ignore it. But perhaps you could get in touch with the state to help to stop Native American suicides in our state.

Virginia Muirhead